I feel like the title of this site is fairly self explanatory but it’s customary to have an ‘about’ page so take a seat and allow me to tell you all about Fabulous Fiction.

Fabulous Fiction is a site dedicated to… fiction. Shocking, I know.

Whether it be in the form of books, movies or television, I love fiction. The real world kinda sucks so I spend a lot of my time thinking about characters, plots and places that are not real. In all honesty, the amount of time I devote to reading, thinking about reading, watching movies and thinking about watching movies is probably not healthy…

On this site I’ll be posting reviews and thoughts on movies, books and TV shows so enjoy and if you have any questions or contributions to make feel free to contact me here or to comment directly on the post in question to get some fun and polite book/movie/TV discussion going!


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